NBVP Technologies

NBVP Technologies

NBVP Technologies is an India's company that provides domestic and offshore outsourcing services. We provide outsourcing services in the US, EU, and Australia. Globalization has increased and opened a multitude of resources to creatively improve your bottom line. Proper outsourcing requires, time, investment, identifying the right organization, testing, developing a working relationship, follow up, training and more. Our outsourcing service will take the guess work out of this process. Our service is a managed solution to your challenge, whatever it may be. We go beyond just finding solutions; we continue to work with you with ongoing management, providing support to be sure of a positive impact on your business. Our back office support section manages online and offline data entry, data conversion, data processing, forms processing, and many other back office services. We are committed to deliver the best quality offshore data entry services to our clients in the US, EU, and Australia. Why Us? The solutions we provide are endless. We understand that every office and organization is different and each likely has its own unique challenges. It could be medical billing and collections, Medical A/R or accounts receivable collections, medical transcription, website designing, legal transcription, staffing, key data entry, automated data entry or document conversion, support for your recruiting staff; immaterial of what your challenge might be, our goal is to work with you and find a solution that fits your requirement. Our aim is to provide value for your money and allow you to focus on your core functions. Service oriented, NBVP Technologies is keenly aware of the importance of cash flow and the opportunity cost of unavailable cash. We want you to think of us when you have a challenge. More than likely, we will have a solution.
Location: India, Gujarat
Phone: +91 97240 05024
Founded date: 2010