Nautical Torque Technology

Nautical Torque Technology
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Nautical Torque represents the first large scale baseload renewable capable of replacing fossil fuel and nuclear based electricity generation. The patented technology uses the motion of large particles of slow moving mass, such as ships and barges, that rise and fall every day with the incoming and outgoing tide. The rising ships attach to gearing equipment on a stationary platform that turn the kinetic energy of the movement into electricity. Coupling tidal power and large amounts of mass would address the major shortcomings of existing renewables in terms of cost, scalability and continuous production. Because the tides are consistent and predictable, we can design our systems to insure continuous power. Because weight is the input source, the process easily scales up. More weight means more electricity. The lifting capacity of water is unlimited. Facilities will be near population centers and our equipment is neither offshore or underwater, which makes development and transfer costs much lower than other tidal and wave power. Fully scaled, our LCOE can be under $100/mwh, making it directly competitive with nuclear and fossil fuels. Our company is in its early stages of development and currently seeks to build prototypes and form partnerships necessary to bring this technology to the market.
Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +1 415-563-8967
Founded date: 2009