Nauta Software Research
Security Systems, Anti Fraud, CiberSecurity, Biometrics >Issuance of secure documents. (SeguDoc). Service for increase security in documents by incorporating security measures. >Identification documents. (PeopleId, Seaman?sBook, Credentials). Identification documents according to OACI 9303. >Verification of Identification documents.(SmartCheck, GBook). Anti-Fraud systems based on Id-document analysis. >Biometric enrollment. (BioCheck). Complete biometric enrollment of a citizen. Fingerpint, Iris, Facial, Voice. >Anti-forgery of documents. (SmartDoc). Analysis of documents to ensure their originality or possibly indicate the alteration of data. >CiberSecurity. (S.O.C, Ethical Hacking). Cibersecurtiy Services. >Tailor-Made solutions. Software development.
Member count: 1-10