Renewable Electric Power Patented method of connecting, cloud monitoring and conserving the use of electric power for homes and small businesses. The Natus Smart Energy Appliance is first to offer an automated, software driven system which combines feed in supply with conservation for the use of electric power in a single solution. Utilities are expected to become large scale owner/operators as the trend towards distributed generation (make it where you use it) continues with roof top solar, micro wind and natural gas burning fuel cells. Natus Energy's cloud based application offers a customizable platform that's a hybrid of CRM, Project Mgmt and MS Planner for tracking data and activities centric to defined objects such as companies, people, projects, equipment. It is expected that the application will be offered on a software as a service basis (saas) generating significant reoccurring revenue. Utilities are expected to use it for tracking regulatory compliance for solar & wind farms & Natus Appliances