Tomorrow?s sustainability for today?s consumer Our new consumer brand Evolve outperforms top-selling chemical products while delivering powerful new benefits that make cleaning quicker & easier for consumers. Our first-of-their-kind renewable home care products: Deep clean without toxic chemics, Eliminate severe odors, Remove heavy soil faster, Virtually eliminates scrubbing, Surfaces stay cleaner longer, and Safe for use near infants, children, pets, and plants. The flagship of the new Evolve brand will be the first EPA-approved disinfecting laundry detergent to clean, deodorize, & disinfect home laundry in a single wash. It?s the holy grail of consumer laundry. Evolve is an unprecedented new family-safe brand with over 40 products for home & personal care, baby, pet, and automotive.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1M