Tailor-made grocery at your doorstep Natural Monday is an online service that weekly delivers healthy ingredients to follow personalized meal plans. Through a simple questionnaire, users enter their food preferences (e.g. vegan, gluten-free), personal targets (e.g. lose weight, get fit) and more (e.g. cooking skills, time). An innovative algorithm suggests personalized recipes filtered according to customers needs. In this way, users can build their tailor-made meal plan, picking the recipes they like the most. Customers subscribe to a weekly delivery service to receive the necessary ingredients from local grocers. We send along simple recipes with easy instructions for preparing each meal. The offer can be adapted at any time. A key element of our algorithm is its waste-reduction formula analyzing customers orders and suggesting recipes that optimize ingredients usage. Buying only what they need, our customers will discover that healthy eating can be not only great for their body but also the most convenient option!