African Premium Personal Care Products We're building a lifestyle personal care brand in Kenya, that actively introduces consumers to our brand of natural and organic products, retailers who carry our products and professional outlets which use our products. In Kenya and most African countries, the demand for natural and organic products is rising exponentially. With a growing middle class which is more conscious and discerning in their tastes; demand for ethically sourced products, with wholesome ingredients is on the rise. Currently, this demand is being met by small business owners who import and resell products from the US and UK, and a handful of individuals who sell locally sourced natural butters and oils. Ironically, most of the ingredients used in the imported products are sourced in Africa with the finished product retailing at 200-300% higher than the US and UK. Nayah's products meet the demands of this market, by formulating high quality products locally with international standards for the local market.
Total raised: $10K