Amerind Media Group
Presenting "NativeFlix", the netflix for Indigenous peoples content NativeFlix is an online streaming video on demand service that provides the very best of Indigenous themed content. Currently, there is no one place that has aggregated commercial grade films, documentaries, television series, and short films about the Indigenous peoples of the World. Distribution of this type of content is fragmented and viewed regionally. Its often the case, consumers are left on their own to find out what's out there, where to find it, and find a way to view it. There are over 50 million Indigenous people across the World and countless other people who are interested in viewing this type of content. There is about 10,000 hours of non-stereotypical (commercial grade) content about, First Nations People in Canada, Native Americans in the US, Maori in New Zealand, Native Hawaiians, South and Central American Indigenous people, and Pacific Islanders. We make the content available and accessible to all mobile devices computers, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles.