The automated native advertising full-stack platform We exist to make digital advertising innovative and influential? again. We are the platform that brings together publishers, brands, influencers and MarTech players to build a more valuable, rewarding and insightful internet ecosystem. Our mission is create innovative technology solutions to re-empower publishers and brands in the evolving digital age, allowing them to maximize their business value by reaching audiences efficiently and effectively, while providing users with a seamless, non-intrusive and individually relevant navigation experience. Our innovative solution, a full-stack platform for publishers: - Only native platform for worldwide Hispanic and Latino audiences - No programming required: start monetizing in less than 5 minutes - All formats in programmatic: IN / OUT + In-Feed, Sidebar & Related Content + Influencers - Advanced reporting metrics: engagement - Cross-platform: : web, mobile, social
Location: Spain
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $2.1M

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