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Patented fingerprint submittal vital to multi-state licensing PROBLEM: Revenue delay. Licenses for telemed doctors and nurse case managers cannot issue until FBI fingerprint reports are submitted in each board's peculiar non-resident format. SOLUTION: This 3-MINUTE VIDEO explains the fingerprint toothache and how NFp's superior patented strategy stops the pain. [ youtu.be/a8gB7olkmE8 ] (Uniform Application is N/A because fingerprinting is controlled by the FBI, state police, and protectionist legislatures.) TRACTION: Monthly prepaid sales doubling annually: $10K, $20K, $40K. PATENTS & DISTRIBUTION: NFp patents enable worldwide distribution via 12,000 contracted US notaries and Trusted Observers. VALUE PROPOSITION VALIDATED: The NFp Concierge visits to take prints once. Lab custom-replicates to the boards via scalable assembly lines. CUSTOMERS: Firms needing multi-state licensing of top execs, docs, nurses. Now serving American Express, Amazon, Adyen, international law & financial firms, telemed employers, and relocating professionals.
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