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The E-commerce Solution for HVAC Distribution National Equipment Parts is developing middle-ware API Connectors to sit in between HVAC wholesalers and contractors. We will become the standard platform for contractors and will create transparency in this very fragmented $50bn market. Our vision is every contractor in America will have the NEP Pro app open to see live inventory from distributors, push notifications when material is ready for pick-up and a priceline.com scenario where contractors can expand their search across multiple distributors for the same item. Phase One of our business has been proven. We continue to bring in $800k-1MM a month in revenue by leveraging wholesalers inventory out into the web. The original idea was to provide presence for wholesalers who traditionally sell to contractors and don't have the capabilities to play online and gain consumer based business. But as we gained more and more traction, it was very evident that the market needs a tool to ensure their contractors keep coming back.
Total raised: $600K