Narrato remembers so you don?t have to Narrato makes it easier than ever to collect, organize, and make sense of your activities, so you can always go back and find what you?re looking for. How far is the Earth from the Moon? You don?t need to know the answer, because you can just Google it. Google has augmented knowledge, but it doesn?t help you remember anything about your personal life. Just as Google augments knowledge, Narrato augments your memory. We?re taking more photos, sending more emails, creating more notes, and sensors in our devices are recording contextual information about where we are, what we?re doing, and how we feel. Narrato pulls all of this personal data into one easily searchable place that you control, so you can journal life without changing your behavior. Our iOS app was launched on the 19th of July 2013 and has since been downloaded tens of thousands of times. narrato.co
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