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NARAZU: The Best Indie Sci-fi and Comic Culture on the Planet...Delivered! If you're a sci-fi fan, a comic book nerd, a graphic novel junkie, a horror film aficionado or just someone who loves great art and great fantasy novels, we are building the site of your dreams. Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Animation, Film, Books, Web Series, plus a community with whom to share and discuss it all. Everything you want in the speculative fiction world, at your fingertips and brought to you by the BEST creators on the indie scene. No more running around the internet hunting for that new indie comic you heard about, but don't know where to find. Want to read a sci-fi novel that doesn't follow the same old tired tropes? We've got em - fresh content by the best independent artist on the planet. It's not science fiction. It's real... so stay tuned! And make sure to tell a friend about NARAZU.
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