Rewarding Smart Use of Cellphones Napify is a mobile app that rewards users for not using their cellphones while studying, driving or hanging with friends and family. Works very simple: 1.- Enable Napify at the moment that you DON?T need to use your phone. 2.- Win points all the time it remains locked. 3.- Exchange your points for rewards from the registered establishemnts with us. We offer special features depending on the activity of the user: -Triple your points if you activate Napify while driving -Get double points if you use it at specific establishments with premium subscription or if you are in certain participant universities. BENEFITS FOR THE USERS Users: Save Money with the discounts and prizes offered from the registered businesses in the app. We increase productivity and reward them by living the key moments of the day. BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMERS -Brand Exposure -Increase in Sales -Create a new marketing channel We are more than 50,000 Napifiers! Join the community and download for iOS and Android.