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Nanoracks LLC
Last activity: 19.03.2024
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NanoRacks is enabling space research and in-space services to customers world-wide from multiple platforms and launch vehicles. The company offers low-cost, high-quality solutions to the most pressing needs for satellite deployment, basic and educational research and both at home and in 30 nations world-wide for those new to the industry and aerospace veterans. Since 2009, Texas-based NanoRacks has truly created new markets, and ushered in a new era of in space-services. In July 2015, NanoRacks signed a teaming agreement with Blue Origin to offer integration services on their New Shepard space vehicle. NanoRacks, along with partners at ULA and Space Systems Loral was also selected by NASA to participate in the NextSTEPs Phase II program to develop commercial habitation systems in low-Earth orbit and beyond. As of November 2017, over 600 payloads have been launched to the International Space Station via NanoRacks services, and our customer base includes the European Space Agency (ESA) the German Space Agency (DLR,) the American space agency (NASA,) US Government Agencies, Planet Labs, Millennium Space Systems, Space Florida, NCESSE, Virgin Galactic, pharmaceutical drug companies, and organizations in Vietnam, UK, Romania and Israel. Learn more at
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Location: United States, Texas, Houston
Employees: 51-200
Total raised: $2.6M
Founded date: 2009

Investors 2

Funding Rounds 1

16.06.2013Series A$2.6M-

Mentions in press and media 38

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03.08.2023Voyager Space и Airbus объявили о создании Starlab на замену...Американская Voyager Space и европейская Airbus объявили о совместном проекте по созданию космическо
20.12.2022Lockheed Martin Blows Up In-Development Space Habitat That W...April Fowell, Tech Times 20 December 2022, 09:12 am Lockheed Martin has been known to be blowing up ...techtimes....
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25.09.2022Крипта идёт в безумные стартапы, AI конструирует белки. Техд...Отдел новостей 25 сентября 2022, 11:23 Крипта идёт в безумные стартапы, AI конструирует белки. Техда
16.09.2022Nanoracks cut a piece of metal in space for the first timeNanoracks just made space construction and manufacturing history with the first demonstration of cut...techcrunch...
16.09.2022Nanoracks Demonstrates Cutting Metal in OrbitApril Fowell, Tech Times 16 September 2022, 11:09 pm Nanoracks revealed more details and demonstrate...techtimes....
14.09.2022Watch the space station spit out garbage toward EarthWhile most folks on Earth are lucky enough to have access to municipal services that take care of al...digitaltre...
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09.07.2022The International Space Station has a new way to dispose of ...Even astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have to take out the trash. Traditionally, ...digitaltre...
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