Nanopore Diagnostics
Taking the guesswork out of prescribing antibiotics At Nanopore Diagnostics we are developing a rapid test for diagnosing bacterial infections. Current bacterial diagnostics take days, physicians needing to quickly prescribe antibiotics must therefore do so solely based on a patient?s symptoms. This is inefficient; 50% of all antibiotics in the US are improperly prescribed. Our rapid test rapid will fight this antibiotic misuse by determining what infection is present, if any, in under 30 minutes. This will enable physician?s to make informed antibiotic decisions during initial patient exams. We will initially focus on the blood-borne infections of severely ill sepsis patients in the emergency room, but then plan to expand into other applications within the $8B clinical microbiology market. Opportunities for our technology platform also exist in non-clinical markets we are entering through sublicense partnerships to help fund clinical development.
Total raised: $486K