International Enterprise Knowledge Brokerage & Management Consulting Network nanoKnowledge? leads in the application and synthesis of knowledge brokering cycles across traditional lines dividing enterprise, industries and business sectors. Our management consultants teach clients how to identify and use old ideas as raw materials for new ideas; and how to manage innovation better by cross-pollinating innovative ideas from business to business (B2B). Typical clients include industries, government (statutory boards), businesses, business associations, organisations, universities, colleges and schools. nanoKnowledge? inspires innovation through a global network of partners and associates who are leaders in enterprise knowledge management, corporate training, education, and the creation of shareable lifelong learning experiences. Established since 2003, nanoKnowledge? is the world?s first enterprise knowledge brokerage to pioneer and invest in new ways for people to globally experience and share knowledge management through training, travel, and events.
Member count: 1-10