Nano Hydrophobics
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a self-cleaning coating for heat exchangers Nano Hydrophobics has developed a nano-scale coating that retards heat exchanger 9HX) fouling while preserving energy efficiency, solving ?the major unresolved problem of heat transfer.? HX fouling costs industry over $100 B/yr in added energy, maintenance costs, lost revenue, and operational downtime. It wastes 1% of U.S. energy consumption. Widespread adoption could eliminate upwards of 1.3% of the world?s greenhouse gas emissions. Proof-of-concept was demonstrated at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. See the attached video which shows strong adhesion strength of fouling on an uncoated plate (typical in industry) and the very weak adhesion strength of fouling on the facing plate coated with Nano's coating. Fouling occurs when naturally-occurring minerals in water precipitate out of solution at higher temperatures causing minerals to attach to hot surfaces. Sometimes called limescale, it adheres strongly creating an insulating barrier which substantially lowers efficiency.
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