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NanoGram Corporation develops and licenses core process technology that enables the manufacture of unique nanoscale compositions for optical, electronic and energy products.
The company has developed an extensive intellectual property portfolio that is expanding the boundaries of nanomaterials technologies and enabling the development and manufacture of new generations of materials, devices, components and applications across a broad range of industries.
NanoGram Corporation is backed by a group of top tier investors including Bay Partners, ATA Ventures, Harris & Harris, Institutional Venture Partners, Nth Power, Rockport Capital Partners, SBV Venture Partners and Technology Partners.
For more information on NanoGram Corporation, please visit their web site at www.nanogram.com

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19.08.2009New bendable silicon semiconductor chip may pave the way for fancier gadgetsMajor Japanese chemical company Teijin, in cooperation with California-based NanoGram, has developed a technology that makes it possible to produce bendable silicon semiconductor chips. This method could make it easier to manufacture curved...
22.06.2007The arrival of flexible chips — a summaryThe flexible chips industry doesn’t grab a lot of headlines, but it is bringing together nanotech, biotech, and other technologies to possibly usher in some revolutionary new products. We’ve been quietly checking up on some of the venture-b...

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