Nano Gas Technologies
Recycle oil industry waste water Every day, the oil industry pumps briny wastewater (produced water) out of their oil wells from underground reservoirs. In fact, the U.S. oil industry pumps seven times more water than oil out of the ground. The U.S. produces 2.5 billion gallons of waste water each day. Over 1 billion gallons are disposed in saltwater disposal wells. These injections wells are causing earthquakes in Oklahoma. Nano Gas? provides a service to recover the oil and drop out suspended solids creating re-usable water. Powerful Nitro Nano? bubbles of nitrogen gas break apart oil and solids and float heavy oil. These bubbles will be useful to extract more oil from wells. The oil industry may prefer Nitro Nano water to any other water due to its solvent properties. Nano Gas Technologies eliminates the need for chemicals. Nano Gas uses oxygen to eliminate hydrogen sulfide, and kill bacteria (at high levels of oxygen). Nano Gas uses inert nitrogen from the air to float oil.
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