NanoArchitech is a San Francisco Bay Area Technology Group providing and developing nanocomposite materials for the ultimate building skin protection and advanced coatings. It can be a direct application( like stucco but much more durable) or can be applied as a coating via a high performance panel system and coating.. We also provide leading edge design for green building with over 25 years in super energy efficient state of the art patented technology. This disaster resistant coating is powerful and long lasting and provides disaster protective structures. Our first product line is called NEUSKYNS actually help improve the environment by reducing the CO2 created by the processing of ordinary cement by 80-90 percent. It is created at a low temperature and use only 10 % of what other cement creates through our unique materials and process. We can drastically reduce waste- encapsulate toxins and, by recycle used materials as a filler. Its a smart choice for renovaton and can give a long life to old materials that are coated with Neuskyns. Neuskyns are cost effective , eco-friendly and highly resistant to fire, water, mold and toxins. We can advise you in ways to create a highly efficient, environmentally healthy and smart green building as well as provide materials and design services. Money well spent! for more info call us 707 741-7919
Location: United States, California, Benicia
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 707-741-7919