Nano Dimension
3D Printer for Circuit Boards The Product: HyraxJet is a 3D capable ink-jet printer for highly exact deposition of conductive traces. It enables rapid, low-cost PCB (printed circuit board) prototyping and development to be carried out in-house or even at home. It puts sophisticated PCB development within reach of R&D labs, electrical engineers, universities, hobbyists and start-ups. In the future even small-batch or mass PCB production. The Project: Nano Dimension is developing the printer, software, proprietary nano-ink and proprietary substrates. We will print complex multi-layered PCBs for all prototyping and board development requirements. Development requires deep understanding of printer hardware, software, nano-ink development, print-head management and mechanical engineering. Our goal is a 12 month development period.
Member count: 11-50

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