Nandi Proteins Ltd

Nandi Proteins Ltd
Nandi has developed highly controlled processes for the functionalisation of common food proteins to improve their function and performance as food ingredients. The products we are developing currently include: Whey protein based emulsifiers with numerous food applications, particularly in baking applications (samples available). Collagen based fat replacers for processed meat products including sausages and burgers (samples available). Plant based gluten replacers for bakery applications are currently under development. Our technology improves the functionality of widely available proteins, enhancing and controlling their performance in end products. Our market drivers are fat replacement, clean labelling and simply making better products. We are working with numerous major food companies, if you want to learn more get in touch at
Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, City of Edinburgh
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1.330118M
Founded date: 2002

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