Nancy's Passions?
Natural & Organic Products. Deodorant & Other Personal Care/Cosmetics The formulation of the natural deodorant with organic and natural ingredients is concentrated and unlike any on the current market. You can read about it on the website. The product is available for private label and can integrate into the natural (Wholefoods Ingredient List Compliant) or regular class of trade. Market analysis done by SF Gate on this particular product had it highly desirable internationally due to so many toxic chemicals that have been banned for use in personal and/or cosmetic products. Many natural deodorants are great, but the feedback is the same: people end up stinking. So, this one works and also can double as a detox, when needed, naturally. I also have extension line items & although things are progressing nicely, as the sole investor, I'd go from A to B much faster partnering up with the right individuals. Phase I of our financial forecast did not have me entertaining a mass account. I am entertaining one now. I'd love to entertain more. Let's chat.