NanaComb Vision
Comb for Curly Hair NanaComb is a unique and innovative product designed to provide for the needs of curly, coily, and kinky haired people worldwide. Traditional combs pull and snag curly hair patterns. The concept of the NanaComb is simply that the best and most natural instrument to style tightly coiled hair is your fingers. The autonomic shape of our fingers gently catches and release our curls while at the same time providing distribution of product, natural oils, detangling, styling, and uniformity. NanaComb was engineered and designed to mimic the shape and feel of combing curly hair in the most intrinsically natural way possible. The demographic for this product comprises the estimated 60% of the world's population, of every ethnicity, that has some degree of curly, coily, and/or kinky hair. NanaComb customers are all ages and nationalities. Even individuals with straight or mildly wavy hair will be attracted to this product based on its unique appearance and feel on the hair and scalp.
Member count: 1-10