North American Medical Holdings
Anti-aging and regenerative medicine clinics We bring together decades of business and medical experience under one platform. Our mission is to provide active and health conscious individuals and groups with safe, reliable and effective solutions and supplements for anti-aging; regenerative medicine; nutritional; and esthetic procedures to enhance the quality of life; reduce the chance of disease; and optimize performance. Further, we intend to build a network of branded, diversified Anti-aging/wellness clinics under our Body & Life brand, throughout North America via direct ownership and licensing. Safe, monitored hormone replacement therapy; alternative medicine practices (stem cell and platelet rich plasma/PRP technologies); diet and nutrition counseling; and beauty/esthetic clinics are rapidly becoming the present and future of healthcare. The latest research and technologies in these fields have led to rapid advancements in health, aging, and quality of life, which has created a tremendous business opportunity.
Member count: 11-50