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Nakala Analytics
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Nakala Analytics is the leading business analytics solutions provider in Kenya. We are an innovative and fast growing company offering fully fledged analytics solutions tailored towards addressing immediate business needs. Our solutions are prototypical to meeting your dynamic organizational needs turning your data into better decisions transforming, Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) to Key Performance Predictors(KPP). Nakala is is a data analytics startup company headquartered in Kenya, Nairobi. We are a team of highly experienced professionals with vast experience in data analytics. Our service delivery methodology is split into 5 phases which delivers a winning data analytics strategy for willing buyers. Our framework offers data auditing for data science services, data integration services, data visualization, machine learning and data science training services. Our services are built on open source software hence affordable at large. We do use commercial tools such as Tableau for data visualization upon need. Our Story While engaging industrial partners in Kenya, Nakala has realized the growing demand for seamless availability, utilization and consumption of data to drive business performance. Our services are tailored towards rapid solution implementation. Effectiveness of our implementations are visible from week 2 which offers a dynamic interactive interface overlaying machine learning models . This way, executives are able to interpret data faster through pictures and graphical presentations. Email: Phone: (+254)-778 178 09
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9.5K /mo.
Location: Kenya, Nairobi
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +254 778 178098
Founded date: 2017

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