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Virtual travel agency, producing "placed-based" titles for the VR market Acme VR makes real-world, camera-based immersive VR experiences, via original field production and by spatially reformatting existing video. We have unique production experience and proprietary IP for stereo-panoramic cinematography, ?Street View? style interactive travel, seamless ?bounce-arounds? integrating 3D Earth models, and first-person POV ?intimate? media. Our technology can scale and spatialize (?Rift?) pre-existing video for immersive viewing in VR headsets. Our team has already produced award-winning site-specific, public space VR environments that have included wide-angle ortho-stereo cinema, spatial sound, haptic interfaces, and interactivity. Founder Michael Naimark is a Virtual Reality pioneer and artist who has produced and distributed VR content with partners including Disney, Apple, Lucasfilm, Atari, Panavision, National Geographic, UNESCO, Google, and the Paris Metro; and has taught at USC, NYU, and MIT.