Increases bank and customer security NullBeat Crypt is an advanced program that secures banks and disables threats for banks as well as ATM and online banking users. VPN communication creates blackholing and has number of vulnerability points that are direct threat and potential for user data theft, money frauds and identity theft. Attackers can use variety of tools and methods to break weak points. In short, they use ettercap, scan devices, create invisible packages, spoof infrastructure, enter the network, attack physical firewall (e.g. Nmap), take mac address of the firewall or server, implement arp sniffing, put ATM or net banking in the black zone and manage ATM or server as administrator and gain full access. To secure bank system and disable such threats we have developed NullBeat Crypt that uses new encryption method with hidden CIPHER's scheme, with the possibility of installing external and internal encryption. Our solution is similar to BTC encrypts, yet more advanced, uses TOR resources and can?t be decrypted.