Video Marketplace - Discover, Learn and Connect via interactive video Nabzem is a platform that lets small to large businesses reach users through interactive video. The Nabzem marketplace is a hub for people to connect with businesses and the unique products and services they offer. Users can Nab what they want from any video, right as they see it! The platform allows sellers to create profiles with the advantages of brand integration and direct payment, while offering discovery tools and heightened engagement for consumers. Nabzem improves product placement advertising and the transaction process between buyers and sellers with our proprietary technology and our video marketplace concept. The point of sale is overlaid onto the video as a ?Nab? icon. The ?Nab? icon appears alongside products on screen, and when clicked the user completes their order- without being redirected. Nabzem videos maintain their functionality when shared, letting users turn their social media profiles into personalized marketplaces. This defines the unique Nabzem experience.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K