Gracefully gather, filter and share the best content on the web We are the tool maker of choice for thoughtful publishers of Social content. Our first tool, the Interest Server, helps Social managers and e-tailers gracefully gather, filter and share the best content on the web. Our customers use the Interest Server (I/S) for a few reasons: (1) Creating original, in-house content is amazingly expensive & time consuming (2) The I/S can process about 15,000 articles every 15 minutes at an astonishing level of granularity, (3) It allows a corporate Social manager to publish high quality, amazingly relevant content into their Social channels in minutes vs. hours (4) The I/S scores articles to provide insight into which articles may be of more "corporate value" than others. (5) The I/S allows one article to be publish to multiple Social channels with a click of a button.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $25K