Uber of Real Estate Redfin has raised $170M to become nothing more than a traditional real estate brokerage with a fancy website. In their home state they have less than a 3% market share...ouch! ?Our business model is to charge homeowners 2 or 3% max while making sure that other agents don't boycott our listings. ?Technology and innovation will be focused where it counts, on the sellers and the agents. Not on the "Buyers" like all current failing app and web base models are doing. ?N3XT, like Uber will in time, transform the agents roll into one that is met without resistance. Who likes the uber version of a cabi better than the cabi in a traditional taxi? ?N3XT will further help sellers (now that there is a working relationship and intimate knowledge about the sellers) to not only invest their savings but also allow them so long as they continue to sell and buy in their lifetime with N3XT to profit from the success of the company. ?The national average is 5.4% commission - N3XT is the steady answer