The Nightlife Platform Worldwide parties agenda for everyone, straightforward nightlife communication platform for brands. We're aggregating night clubs agenda from 190 top cities in the world and put them in one place in a fancy way. Answer to "Where to go tonight?" in the simplest way. Night clubs or bar owners can customize their public space (club and events pages), sell tickets and reward members by creating viral contests. All this at the lowest possible price, even free when possible. We're nightclubs best friend and in exchange for these quality services, we take advantage of their fame and audience to drive upper class audience to our platform. On the other side, we sell drop in solutions to premium brands. The complete package includes presence on events and night clubs pages plus a grey labeled agenda based on brand picks. The offline brands-to-nightclubs sponsoring model imported online, with the same benefits but totally scalable.
Member count: 1-10