Optimizing the way consumers shop online Myze optimizes the way consumers shop online. The Myze smart shopping companion maximizes the value consumers get from their credit cards and loyalty programs. Myze guarantees our users don?t miss out on the best cash rewards, airline points or discounts. Our personalized service provides a hassle-free shopping experience, automatically informing the user of the best credit card to use as they check out. The Myze Dynamic Reward Bidding TM (patent pending) allows reward providers to compete for consumers by offering customized rewards that are tailored to consumers? needs. With this, credit card issuers can incentivize consumers to prefer their payment methods and to awake dormant accounts. The system offers personalized realtime user-interaction with the simplicity of a running Google adwords campaign. The system uses team?s extensive experience in building similar systems for the U.S. Telco industry.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $95K