Text Message Boutique This is a first-of-its-kind text boutique that will change the way you shop! Created to bring convenience, simplicity and customization to your experience, Whym takes what you enjoy most about online and offline shopping and combines them. Founded by the dynamic female duo behind the launch of Snapchat Spectacles, Whym makes getting the things consumers love, easy. Whym is a first-of-its-kind, female-centered text boutique that offers customers a more personable way to browse and buy. Whym was created for convenience with career-focused women in mind. Through Whym, customers speak with real people, not bots, to easily ask questions, edit orders and provide feedback, in real-time. All purchases can be made with the Whym Wallet, which eliminates the need for a password, purse and PIN from transactions.
Member count: 1-10