E-bay/Upwork for private tuitions Web Tutor is a hub for online, person-to-person learning. It is currently focused on the K-12 segment in Australia, as a marketplace connecting school students (and their parents) and private tutors for after school, 1-to-1 tuitions. Tuitions are delivered over our proprietary virtual classroom. Parents are currently forced to give away a few hours of their life every week just to drop-off and pick-up their children at the tutors. There is little scheduling flexibility and parents are also constrained by their physical location in their search for finding the best-fit tutor. A market place coupled with online tuition delivery addresses these pain-points efficiently. Web Tutor treats the private tutors as independent entrepreneurs and they can decide how they want to run their business over the platform (regarding setting tuition fees, scheduling availability and accepting a particular student). Parents pay the tutors for the lessons and Web Tutor charges a service fee to tutors.