Legal information & resource centre (askalawyer; casetext; mycase) MyWakili is a user friendly web-based system that assists the members of the public and the various players in the sectors of the legal profession on all matters legal. Through the MyWakili Discussions Forums the legal practitioners and the law students are able to assist members of the public on topical issues that affect them through answering or commenting on the posts made. Besides access to legal information, the general public is able to access legal services from the large pool of advocates who have subscribed to the service. The legal practitioners will also benefit by generating new clients through the same medium. The MyWakili Document Management System, Sidebar and HoldMyBrief solutions are offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) that seeks to promote efficiency, reliability and accessibility as they are an easy, hassle-free and convenient way to connect the respective legal counsels and the general public.