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One and half year ago, my vet gave my fiancée and me the bad news that Potato had a severe heart murmur, and there was a chance he might only live to the age of three. We were heartbroken. It suddenly occurred to me that every minute with Potato was a precious one, and I should be documenting them.

That’s when the idea for Wagtail struck. I quickly built a great team from dog lovers. We sought out to create an app for all dog lovers to share our experiences and create community around the four-legged friends we love most. We found support through many dog lover friends. They became our early testers and helped us improved the app. After one year of hard work and loads of daily doggy inspiration, Wagtail was ready to release!

I invite you and all your dog lover friends to join Wagtail and share your dog tales, tips, photos, and woes. Let's build the mobile community for dog lovers together.
Location: United States, Delaware, Wilmington

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