All-in-one marketing platform that handles web monitoring, SEO, email & social media There seems to be a new online marketing platform that pops up on the web every week, but marketers are wondering what really works and what doesn't? Well fortunately (for them) we had to figure it all out the hard way. Here at Viral Network we were challenged with finding, connecting, and communicating value to a niche market of investors for our public company clients. We're happy to say we now represent over $1B in public companies and have a network of over 250,000 investors in Canada and about 3M worldwide. ...In other words, we found a winning combination. My Viral Web is a platform with all the tools we use in-house, open to businesses to build their own brand. It optimizes your social media (twitter, facebook, youtube), email, web monitoring & SEO. It's packaged up as a do-it-yourself platform, but we like to coach along the way. Bundling saves you money, consolidating saves you time.