VERT® Wearable Fitness Monitor With Jump Rate™ is a device worn near the waist of an athlete either by the VERTclip (for combines and quick testing) or integrated within an article of clothing such as the VERTbelt (for practice and games). FEATURES • Count your jumps for injury prevention (like baseball does with pitch count)! • Measure your VERTical for performance motivation and improvement! • See your results in real-time on the VERT® Wearable Fitness Monitor With Jump Rate™ Monitor and on your smart device! • Book-bag mode! Leave your smart device in your book bag and play your game. Your Monitor re-syncs with your smart device and it will push your data on the VERT app and on your myvert.com account. • Jump Rate™ is a brand new exciting feature that provides you with a whole new metric in fitness! This feature is an exciting tool for jump rope exercises, warm ups and contest amongst your friends. • Home screen: Best, last VERTical, avg hi (your top 25% highest jump), touch height and jump count • PROPS! ™ Social integration, give and get PROPS!™ and integrate with your social networks. Get social badges on myvert.com for your best performances! • Measurements in metric or imperial. • Name sessions & compare your stats All your data is stored on your myVERT.com account.
Location: United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 510-629-3665
Founded date: 2013

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