MY VEDHIKA My Vedhika is a MOBILE APP, a mosaic of all that you will ever need to have the most wonderful party or a function that you have always dreamt of. It’s a one-stop solution for any celebration. There are three main categories that the website deals with: 1.Events happening in the city 2.Fix my venue 3.Find my restaurant 1) Events happening in the city: We provide with all the details about the parties happening in and around the city. The search engine within the site makes it possible for the user to search for the events according to the place. People can also advertise their events in this. 2) Fix my venue: This is where one can reasonably organize any kind of party or function with a great ease. This is again a quick search for several categories of an event like function halls, catering, decoration, event organizers, sound and lighting etc., using the search engine. The site provides with thirteen other categories needed for a successful event to organize. Like any other e-commerce website, we provide a shopping cart, which helps the user to book and select their requirements for an event, based on their various budget ranges in all the thirteen categories. We also provide the best deals, discounts and offers. 3) Find my restaurant: This is where one can find a restaurant based on their interest or requirement. It is also a search engine with nine different categories like 1) Dine-out restaurants, 2) Home delivery restaurants, 3) Drinks and nightlife, 4) cafés and delis, 5) Luxury dining, 6) Brunches, 7) Deserts and bakes, 8) Buffet places 9) International restaurants. We provide you with the best deals, discounts and offers. It is completely free for the users. The user can use all the services for free. We charge the customer for publicizing their product. When a function or a party has to be organized, the mind is in a turmoil with all the kinds of ideas about, how you want to do it, where you want to do it, publicity, etc., Many of the cases time is a criteria, where there is limited time to organize in the best way possible. This is where MY VEDHIKA helps you plan and organize a successful event just by one click. Most of the time and money wasted on your search and travel could be saved because, my vedhika brings you in reach with the best venues and various other things needed for an event at all budget ranges. FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION: In the for-coming days we would be implementing the shopping cart with a payment gateway for all the above-mentioned categories. This helps the user with much more ease to book and make payments online. So, don’t plan the most important day by yourself. We can help you plan it. YOUR VISION. OUR INNOVATION. EVENT SOLUTION. MY VEDHIKA for any veduka...
Location: India, Visakhapatnam
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +91 73824 68685
Total raised: $15K