Greenpower Storage
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Home Electric Utility & Peer to Peer Trading Platform in a Box We are making a full Energy System for home called PowerPortal. Our system incorporates all PV electronics and Li Ion battery in one box. PowerPortal has advanced features not available or possible with Tesla powerwall, LG and others such as: -Home IoT portal -Peer-Peer Energy Trading, -Energy Shaping, -Off-grid etc. PowerPortal's applications are endless: -Home Energy System-It is your own powerhouse. -Distributed Storage and Generation -Peaker Plant Elimination -More subscriber for a given line capacity -Hardware for Crypto Energy trading platform such as Grid+ and Powerledger -Peak Shaving -Self healing grids and so on, Essentially, PowerPortal is a 3 port Power Switch with local storage and a smartgrid controller (mini-SCADA) all managed by a remote application. This makes it very easy to interface PowerPortal to blockchain platforms. We have also packaged our box with a carport structure and PV panels to form a full stand-alone micro-utility.