MyTwinPlace is a global community of travelers who exchange nights in their spaces with other members of the community. Our members host travelers when their spaces are available in return for free accommodation when they travel. Discover How it Works now: https://www.mytwinplace.com/en/how-it-works/ Getting Started 1. Join us and get your first points Signing up in our platform is easy and completely free. Join our community for free and get your first points to book your stay. 2. Search and book your stay Look for available spaces, save on your Wishlist the ones you like the most, and request accommodation to our community members. 3. Host travelers and earn more points Accept booking requests from members who want to stay at your home and earn more travel credit points towards free accommodation on your next trip.
Location: Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +34 609 43 00 11
Total raised: $858.693K
Founded date: 2012

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