Shipping marketplace where shippers find drivers myTruckBoard is a SaaS Enabled Marketplaces for freight brokers, shippers and truck drivers. We have a proven track record for enabling freight brokerage companies to compete better, lock in deals faster and easily manage entire trucking fleet with trucker profiles, history and rates. MyTRUCKBOARD wants to do its part in helping to reduce traffic in our Cities and Highways. Our mission is to use technology to help brokers reclaim un-utilized capacity and reduce the number of empty trucks on our streets. Our location and capacity focused features make it trivial to manage otherwise complicated process of keeping you in the know and your freight busy. We are a small, scrappy startup with a big heart and huge vision to redefine the transportation industry and make meaningful, positive changes in a life of a commercial truck driver. Now, You are invited to join the revolution. mytruckboard.com
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