We help families to keep their elderly members connected to their daily lives TRIBU NEWS is the newspaper that links generations. On the app or the web platform : - Each family member can upload pictures and messages - Each family member choose to link his Facebook. - Each family member choose to link his Instagram. TRIBU NEWS brings the posts of the family in one editable newspaper. Editable means that every family member can delete, move or adapt a post. Each month a paper version of the newspaper is send to the elderly members of the family and a digital version is shared with the rest of the family.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $815.15K

Funding Rounds 1

DateSeriesAmountInvestorsDeal News
24.09.2020-$817.279K-Belgian st...

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24.09.2020Belgian st...Tribu News, which aims to help...Belgium-St...Charlotte ...eu-startup...