is a platform that reduces risk, by knowing who to trust myTQ is a platform that provides the intelligence to distinguish between those who can be trusted, and those who cannot. myTQ (myTrustQuotient) aims to become the trust authority for the sharing economy. It will provide information about each user who is engaged in the sharing economy and p2p marketplaces. Each user will create his myTQ trust profile, which will consist aggregated data from 3 sources: public data from marketplaces such as reviews and ratings, and from users who interacted with each other data about user's behaviour and personality. myTQ trust profile will show at a glance the X-ray of user's trustworthiness. Going forward, myTQ will collaborate with world leaders on binding user's offline ID and his online profile. Having most of the users verified, will increase the levels of trust in the sharing economy.
Member count: 1-10