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Filmed Entertainment Production The entire state of Iowa is our movie studio. We produce a high volume of high quality original content for film, television and the web at a fraction of the cost in the heart of America. Our casts are not only amateurs. Our films include Oscar nominees, Emmy-award winners, and cast members of shows like HBO's True Blood and The Gilmore Girls. We are marketable and prolific. Indie filmmaking models have gone the way of the dinosaur. The days of making one movie every couple of years and nurturing it through festivals and distribution markets is now a memory. In order to compete as a business model and not only an arts model, we are birthing our company as a content provider -- creating a consistent, low-cost stream of original scripted content for outlets seeking the same, with an eye on becoming our own outlet. We apply the most basic models of business success to the world of film and television: high volume of marketable inventory + low cost of production = profit