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We do to Live TV what Youtube did to Video MTTV Share is a social networking platform allowing users to share their TV screen with their friends and with themselves. MTTV Share users can share Video files from their PC, YouTube playlists, Gaming Console screen and TV channels they are currently watching. Users can easily launch their own live streaming TV channel broadcasted world-wide through MyTotal.TV (every Video blogger can become a global broadcaster). Shared content is available on MyTotal.TV for users that are part of the social network of the Sharing individual. MTTV share will offer the most comprehensive channel list on the globe! Viewers and sharing individuals will be able to communicate while watching the same channel using chat or voice. Our Share-box is the Cheapest and most cost-effective Encoder BOX in the world. This amazing development allows us to supply our Sharing users with the box for free or for small fee. Moreover, sharing users will be rewarded with premium subscription to our TV platform.
Member count: 1-10