Top-interests social game and network (top 5 lists) Top Top (app) is a top-interests social game and network that revolves around what you care about the most (top 5 lists), and those who share the same interests. Our MVP has proven that users enjoy sharing their top interests as top 5 lists in hundreds of categories. Knowing users? top interests will allow us to offer much better services than some currently offered by Tinder, Facebook and Google. Can you name your top 5 Books? Your Top 5 Bands? Top 5 NFL Players, Tech Visionaries of All Time, Italian Restaurants, Friends to Go Shopping With, Clothing Brands, Fears, Top 5 World Problems? ? anything! Top 5 Lists is a powerful microblogging format that no one else masters. Top Top will enable a lucrative proprietary ad model, an affiliate marketing business model, and big data mining. Install Top Top: We have not launched yet.
Member count: 1-10