Multi-platform for Independent Entertainment & Talent MyTalentNetwork? is a "one stop shop" for actors, models, musicans, and industry professionals. This platform is build to finiancially aid, motivate, and accomodate ALL job fields of talent in the Entertainment Industry that range from actors & crew to Casting Directors, Producers, & Talent Agents to achieve their vision. MyTalentNetwork? combines a social media platform, searchable actor database, talent management system, No service fee crowdfunding, marketplace, job posting, casting calls, online acting classes and more! Members of MyTalentNetwork? can creatively collaborate together, combining their talent & skills from many fields, to produce high-quailty, independent entertainment such as feature films, web series, soundtracks, and records. MyTalentNetwork's Creative Collaboration Fund will donate $5,000 of our own revenue to members' Dream Projects (crowdfunds). MyTalentNetwork ? is a registered trademark of Unique Talent Management
Member count: 1-10